Organic Pollutants in Environment - Markers and Biomarkers of Toxicity


Cellular and Subcellular Toxicity


The studies will be focused on:

  • Cellular and subcellular toxicity of selected pesticides on human brain astrocytoma line 1321N1, neuroblastoma line SH-SY5Y, HepG2 and primary brain cells
  • Viability, growth, and metabolic activity of selected cell cultures
  • Estimation of the oxidation-reduction cell equilibrium by measuring total protein content, the oxidated protein concentration, reactive oxidative species, and glutathione along with malondialdehyde level
  • The disturbances of cytoskeleton components including microtubular, actin and intermediate fibres, as a principal targets for external toxicants


Figure 1. Strucutre of actine fibers in SH-SY5Y cells. Cells were labeled by phalloidin-TRITC.


Figure 2. Microtubules and nucleus of V79 cell. Cell were labeled by antimicrotubule IgM-FITC and Hoechst dye.


Figure 3. Vinmentin fibers of SH-SY5Y cell. Cell were labeled by antimicrotubule IgM-FITC.