Organic Pollutants in Environment - Markers and Biomarkers of Toxicity



Research group: Cellular and Subcellular Toxicity



D. Želježić, M. Mladinić, S. Žunec, A. Lucić Vrdoljak, V. Kašuba, B. Tariba, T. Živković, AM. Marjanović, I. Pavičić, M. Milić, R. Rozgaj, N. Kopjar: Cytotoxic, genotoxic and biochemical markers of insecticide toxicity evaluated in human peripheral blood lymphocytes and an HepG2 cell line. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2016; 96: 90-106. (Research Article)

S. Žunec, V. Kašuba, I. Pavičić, AM. Marjanović, B. Tariba, M. Milić, N. Kopjar, A. Pizent, A. Lucić Vrdoljak, R. Rozgaj, D. Želježić: Assessment of oxidative stress responses and the cytotoxic and genotoxic potential of the herbicide tembotrione in HepG2 cells. Food and Chemical Toxicology 2016; 94: 64-74. (Research Article)

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