Organic Pollutants in Environment - Markers and Biomarkers of Toxicity


17. 05. 2016.

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to attend the lecture presented by Ph.D. M. Milić and S. Žunec entitled:
Organska zagađivala u okolišu: biomarkeri toksičnosti organofosfornih pesticida s osvrtom na klinički menadžment otrovanja.
The lecture is organized by Hrvatsko društvo za medicinu rada HLZ, and will be held at HLZ Šubićeva 9, Zagreb, on Wednesday 25. 05. 2016., at 19:00. More


02. 04. 2016.

Dear colleagues,
Associates Ph.D. D. Klincic and Ph.D. S Stipicevic has presented at Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP) and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) Conference (PITTCON), Atlanta, Georgia, USA papers entitled: PCBs AND DDTs in BLUEFIN TUNA FROM THE ADRIATIC SEA and MICROWAVE-ASSISTED EXTRACTION OF TRIKETONE AND PYRAZOLE CORN HERBICIDES FROM AGRICULTURAL SOIL.

10. 10. 2015.

Dear colleagues,
Associate Ph.D. N. Kopjar and coworkers has presented paper entilted: EVALUATION OF THE CYTOTOXIC, GENOTOXIC AND CYTOGENETIC EFFECTS OF CHLORPYRIFOS IN HUMAN PERIPHERAL BLOOD LYMPHOCYTES IN VITRO at 12th Croatian Biological Congress which was held from the 18th to the 23rd of September 2015. at Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia.

09. 10. 2015.

Dear colleagues,
Associate Ph.D. D. Klincic and coworkers has presented has paper entilted: The exposure of the Croatian population to toxic environmental contaminants – "dioxin-like" PCBs at EUROTOX 2015 Congress, it was held from 13-16 September 2015, at the Alfândega International Congress Center, Porto, Portugal.


28. 09. 2015.

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to "DANI OTVORENIH VRATA INSTITUTA ZA MEDICINSKA ISTRAŽIVANJA I MEDICINU RADA" on 20th and 27th October 2015. More informations are available here.


04. 02. 2015.

Dear colleagues,
We invite you to attend the lecture presented by Ph.D. Gordana Mendas Starcevic entitled:
Herbicides in surface and ground waters in and around Zagreb.
The colloquium will be held in the auditorium of the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Ksaverska cesta 2, Zagreb, on Wednesday 04. 02. 2015., at 13:30.



First announcement:
Project OPENTOX has officially started on 1 of September 2014.

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